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NFL Fans Like the New Playoff Format

New York Jets v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Today we check back in with SB Nation Reacts.

Each week during the season and then periodically during the offseason, SB Nation sends out surveys to NFL fans asking them for opinions about their favorite team and the league in general. We call it SB Nation Reacts.

This week I don’t have any Jets specific survey. There is no point in doing weekly fan confidence polls before the offseason begins. At important junctures of the offseason, I am sure we will check back in.

Instead we will take a look at some general NFL issues.

The Playoffs began last weekend with six games. This is the second year of a new Playoff format that has seven teams from each conference make the postseason opposed to the old six. A narrow majority of NFL fans we polled seem to like it.

It’s an interesting take considering both games involving the seven seeds were uninteresting blowouts. I think it was difficult to come away from last weekend’s games thinking the Steelers and Eagles were essential ingredients to the Playoffs. Maybe people just enjoyed six games wall to wall from Saturday afternoon through Monday night. Or maybe fans just liked the expanded field keeping more teams in the postseason chase late in the season.

In any event, we have four interesting games this weekend. It seems the rematch of last year’s AFC Championship Game between the Chiefs and the Bills is the most anticipated.

And it seems like the fans polled are rooting for upsets. Based on our polls, NFL fans want a Rams-Bills Super Bowl.

Clearly AFC East fans were not the only ones polled.

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