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NFL Playoffs: Raiders vs Bengals Game Thread

Las Vegas Raiders vs Cincinnati Bengals Set Number: X163870 TK1

The NFL playoffs get started with a Saturday doubleheader. In the first game we have the Las Vegas Raiders visiting the Cincinnati Bengals.

The 10-7 Las Vegas Raiders come into this game riding a four game winning streak. The Raiders have struggled defensively most of this season and they have no running game to speak of, a combination that rarely works well in the playoffs. They scored 35 points against the Los Angeles Chargers in the season finale to get into the playoffs, but the Raiders have scored 17 points or less in 7 of their last 10 games. Over their last 10 games the Raiders were 1-3 against playoff teams. All in all, warning bells are ringing loudly for this Raiders team.

The 10-7 Cincinnati Bengals finished the season winning three of their last four games. The Bengals feature one of the league’s hottest quarterbacks in Joe Burrow, along with arguably the NFL’s best set of offensive weapons. The Bengals also feature a top 5 rushing defense, and a top 7 scoring offense. The Bengals’ achilles heel is their pass defense, which has not been effective for most of the season. With the better quarterback, the better running game, the better offensive weapons, the better rushing defense, and home field, the Bengals are favored to win this game. If they do manage a win today, it will be the first Bengals playoff victory since the 1990 season. We’ll see if that’s how things play out.

It’s the Raiders and the Bengals in the first game of an NFL Saturday doubleheader.

Enjoy the game everybody.