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Podcast: Jets 2021 Awards, Part 1

NFL: New York Jets at Houston Texans Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s podcast is the first of a two part series giving out awards for the Jets in 2021.

The season overall was a disappointment, but there will be plenty of time in the weeks ahead to talk about all of the failures of 2021. This is about the positives with one exception.

I do give out a Least Valuable Player award. The recipient will be obvious if you take some time to think about it. If you don’t come up with the name, you will likely agree with my choice. After that I also give out relatively minor awards like best second year player and best free agent signing of the year.

Then in the final two segments of the show I give out more substantial awards, namely Jets Coach of the Year, and Jets Rookie of the Year.

Thanks for listening, and tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of the awards.