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NFL Black Monday Discussion Thread

NFL: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Today is Black Monday in the NFL. Across the league teams are firing coaches and front office members.

While a big change for the Jets would be surprising, there are moves across the league with major implications.

The firings have begun. Two teams from the NFC North, the Bears and Vikings, have completely cleaned house dismissing their respective coaches and general managers.

There also has been AFC East news thus far. In a surprising development, the Miami Dolphins have fired head coach Brian Flores. This is despite Flores overseeing a massive rebuilding effort, having a second straight winning season, and rallying his team from 1-7 to finish 9-8.

All eyes are on other spots across the league, including the Giants. Will the crosstown rivals make changes? Who else will be looking for a new head coach and general manager?

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