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Jets Own Picks 4, 10, 35, and 38 in the 2022 NFL Draft

NFL: New York Jets OTA John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

The regular season is over, which means we have clarity on NFL Draft positioning.

The New York Jets currently own four picks in the top forty in 2022. Their own pick falls fourth overall. The Jets finished tied with Houston and the Giants for the third pick at 4-13. The Texans beat the Jets on strength of schedule tiebreaker for pick number three, while they beat out the Giants on the tiebreaker for pick number five.

The second pick in the opening round originally belonged to Seattle and was acquired in the Jamal Adams trade. This pick falls tenth overall. The Seahawks’ upset win over the Cardinals yesterday dropped the pick a bit but not out of the top ten. Seattle tied with Atlanta, Denver, and Washington at 7-10 for the eighth pick. The Seahawks lost out to Atlanta and Denver for the tiebreaker for picks eight and nine but beat out Washington for pick ten.

Not only do the Jets have two picks in the top ten, however. They also have a pair of early second round picks.

The 35th pick is the Jets’ own selection. It is the third pick in the second round. When there is a tie (as is the case with Houston, the Jets, and the Giants) the teams rotate each round. While the Texans get the third pick of the first round, the Jets get the third pick of the second round.

Additionally, the Jets have the 38th pick, which originally belonged to Carolina and came as part of the Sam Darnold trade. Let’s just say getting a second round pick for Darnold looks more amazing by the day.

Of course opportunities don’t guarantee anything, but the Jets have a golden opportunity to infuse the roster with premium young talent this year.

It also seems fair to say that the Jets are one of the teams in control of this Draft. With four of the top forty picks, the Jets will likely be able to move up or down as they please.