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Podcast: How the Jets Got Here, Where Things Are Going

NFL: New York Jets OTA John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

It can’t get much uglier for a team than the performance we saw in Sunday’s loss to the Denver Broncos. The Jets were thoroughly outclassed in every facet of the game. It was such a brutal loss that many are now questioning the direction of the organization. The Jets are 0-3. They haven’t yet held a lead in any game this season, and they are averaging less than a touchdown per game.

On today’s podcast I try to offer the context of the situation. I think my view provides some sort of middle ground between expecting great immediate results and accepting the dismal showing of Sunday. I think it needs to be acknowledged that this is a rebuilding team. However, too frequently rebuilding is used as a blanket excuse. It can’t be. There need to be results on some level, and the team’s performance to date is unacceptable. The big question going forward is whether we will see legitimate progress.

Thanks for listening.