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Final Score: Broncos 26, Jets 0

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

In the New York Jets’ third game of the 2021 season, on a hot, bright and sunny day in Denver, Colorado, the Jets lost to the Denver Broncos, 26 - 0.

In the first half the Jets were thoroughly dominated. The Broncos put up more than 200 yards of offense and scored 17 points in a very efficient display of football. For the third straight week the Jets were completely inept in the first half on offense. The Jets gained just 84 first half yards and scored zero points. That brings the Jets first half output to three points on the season, and the Jets have been outscored 46 - 3 in the first half this year. The game was all but over at halftime.

In the third quarter the Broncos started to run out the clock as the Jets offense continued to go nowhere. By the middle of the quarter the Jets weren’t even making a credible effort effort to win, down three scores and running the ball four straight plays. The Broncos tacked on a field goal for an all but unassailable 20 - 0 lead entering the fourth quarter.

The rest of the game was extended garbage time.

The Broncos added a couple of fourth quarter field goals to bring the final score to 26 - 0.

With the loss the Jets go to 0-3 on the year.

John will provide a more in depth recap of today’s game. In the meantime leave your comments on the game below.