Jets Broncos and The Way I See It

the way i see it

gotta start with the environment, be ready for it. always hostile in denver, air and altitude, a. b, its gonna be hot. and c, rough crowd. all add up to kinda put you behind before you even start.

then fagio, good hc with d in his old nfl bones. broncos are missing one of their main attackers on the edge opposite miller, but miller is still the issue. if you keep someone in to help, make sure the line knows its assignments and gets hat on hat, past two weeks the failures have mainly been in not getting blocks in one phase, and guys standing around blocking air in another. offensive line needs to play above and beyond, we're back to playing a line more like carolina's than the pats. they're big up front and bring the heat, strong and fast. to be successful in this game, we need a rational game plan. dont try to immediately attack the strength in the secondary, their corners are both really good, safeties experienced and rough. starting nt is nicked up in the three man front and your o line is having trouble? run it, i dont care how ugly it looks. early and often to start a fight. get into a rhythm, move the sticks, burn clock, and keep wilson clean. then see where it goes. unfortunately, crowder's out. again. gotta get mims off the pine and into the game, berrios alone is not gonna get it done if davis gets doubled. if the run game can go, play action and get into the wco. the more we can then stretch the field into single coverages underneath and intermediate, the more effective the pass game is gonna be. but walk before you run. and dont get greedy.

on d, question is when do you pressure bridgewater and how. denver backs are good, set the four man front and let them try to run, attack the gaps and fill in behind on the second level. young receivers are big and fast, jeudy is out and another starter is questionable with a hip; but sutton is a monster, had two bucks receiving last week. press cover, double him in cover 2 or 3 and force bridgewater out of the pocket; he's good on simple reads and quick throws then moving through his progressions, will short pass you lethal, to death. moving to the right, he finds receivers at all three levels. but coming back to his left and with heat in his face, especially if you hit him, bridgewater becomes a different qb. hurry him up. keep the pressure on. get him on the ground. and get on those fumbles when the ball comes out.

denver is giving almost eleven points. the book is counting on von miller crashing down the right side, he leads the league in qb hits. he's quicker than moses by a mile, but with help, jets might be able to slow him down. run at him, chip and double him, and run away from him when you pass. dont take him for granted or think you can beat him straight up or hat on hat, or that you can tolerate him having his regular game and survive. cause you cant. if miller gets to the qb, you lose, you're gonna lose the ball game. contain him at all costs and you might be ok. call me crazy, and i know some here will, but i sense a trap here. just have to stick with fundamentals, defense and running game, zack cannot win a game like this. he needs help in all three phases. but i think the jet defense is good enough in this spot. it'll be on the offense to get the ball in the end zone. go zack. as always, i like

the jets 28-24

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