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Podcast: Jets Questions After Two Weeks

New York Jets v Carolina Panthers Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

The NFL season is now more than 10% finished. Football is singular among sports due to the short season. Ten days ago we were awaiting opening day. Now the season is in full swing.

We have seen enough about the Jets to at least have some idea about the team. There have been surprising developments both good and bad.

On today’s podcast I discuss some of the major questions the first two weeks have brought. These are questions that will inevitably be answered during the final fifteen games of the 2021 season. They involve Zach Wilson’s readiness, the surprising effectiveness of the cornerbacks thus far, the puzzling wide receiver position, the offensive line, Quinnen Williams, and progress being reflected by the scoreboard. The answers we receive will contribute greatly to how fondly we remember 2021.

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