Zach Wilson vs Mac Jones. Year One

Mac Jones vs Zach Wilson.

This may be unfair this year, as the Pats have the better team, better defense, better o-line and tight ends. Plus a very experienced coaching staff. Jets have the better WR room, so we can check that box for the Jets.

Even if the Pats win both games, this should not be a reflection on Zach Wilson, or that Jones is the better QB. In addition, Belichick is brutal on rookie QB's. I can't ever remember a rookie QB having success against his teams, even when he was d-cor for the Gints.

Just something to think about if the Jets lose the first, or both match-ups.

Rome wasn't built in a day. Eventually both squads will even out talent wise, and the unknown is Saleh and his staff in their first year together, and what this team will actually look like when the real games start.

Now, I think this is a solid assessment. And I also believe this is why Saleh has repeatedly referred to Peyton Manning's rookie season on multiple occasions when discussing Wilson.

Right now, the Pats are set up to be a playoff team, and currently have the better roster with one exception, the Jets are better at WR. And the Pats o-line is miles ahead of the Jets o-line. In addition, the Jets are probably a 5-7 win team this season. Your QB is only as good as the talent and coaching around him.

Even if Jones wins both games, it is not a big enough window to say Jones is the better QB. I think if the Jets continue to draft and develop talent, and Saleh and his staff prove they can coach in the NFL, you will see this rivalry even out hopefully in 2022, and the latest in 2023.

Here is Peyton Manning's relevant rookie stats, and why Saleh refers to him.

326 for 575 for a 56.7 completion percentage. 26 TD's vs 28 INT's. 71.2 QB rating, as this was before QBR. He was also sacked 22 times.

If you remember, the Colts were actually in the Jets division in 1998, when the AFC East had 5 teams. (Colts, Jets, Pats, Fins, and Bills.)

Colts were 3-13 in Peyton's rookie season and finished last in the AFC East. However, the next season in 1999, the Colts were 13-3, finished first in the AFC East, and Manning's stats jumped off of the page.

So yeah, even if Jones goes 2-0 vs Wilson to start his career, no reason to hit the panic button. The Jets are just behind the Pats as of now in players and coaching. It will change soon enough.

Looking forward to seeing all these QB competitions in the AFC East as a whole. Mac Jones, Josh Allen, Tua, and Zach Wilson. If all develop, could be a wild ride for the next 5-10 years, and the best QB division in football.

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