Joe Douglas Year 2 Report Card.

The only thing worse than watching the Jets last weekend is listening to people defend the job Douglas has done since being given FULL control of the franchise after three years of failed drafts as the Eagles director of player personnel that contributed to their SB winning HC walking. His decision making is so bad so far he is destroying any potential Saleh and Wilson have. The same way Magic Mike and Douglas destroyed Darnold. Some highlights:

Coaxing Ryan Khalil out of retirement in the middle of training camp with an 8+ mil GTD one year deal in an absolute panic. His first "Jetsy" decision. The legend begins.

After throwing away $8+ mil on Khalil he then refuses to pay Robbie Anderson, Darnold’s go to receiver, the extra two nickels he wants and Anderson has been killing it ever since in Carolina. He dumps Leonard Williams for a third and fifth round draft pick because he sucks, he doesn’t get enough sacks. On the Giants Leo is 5th in league in sacks and gets a big GTD multi year deal. Player evaluation skills on full fn display

In his first draft he trades back in the second round to pick up an extra third round pick, a comp pick near bottom of round. So obviously he must view third round picks as valuable assets after taking one for Leo and trading back for one. Then in his second draft he trades two third round picks to move up 9 slots in first round for an OG. Makes sense.

In his second season he "fixed" the Jets Oline with among others George Fant who he signs for $9+ mil a year. In 2020 Fant was ranked 64/79 OTs in NFL. In college, Western Kentucky, Fant played basketball until using his fifth year of eligibility to play TE on football team. For season he appeared in two games, had one reception and two tackles. He went to Seahawks as UDFA in a hybrid TE/OT role. This is who Douglas fixed the line with. Our o line expert who took Becton over Wirfs.

In his first draft with a roster full of holes except safety, where we have a #1 and #2 pick already on the roster Douglas uses the Jets #68 pick near top of third they got for Leo to take another safety. He also drafted a developmental QB when everyone knew he would sign Flacco and already had White on roster. Morgan is now in Carolina with Sam and Robbie. You can’t make this up. Zuniga, his other third rounder made practice squad after clearing waivers. He also drafted a RB in each draft because they are so hard to find then added two FA RBs who are ahead of both on the depth chart. He also drafted Cameron Clarke who was projected as an OG in NFL. So why did Douglas gave up two 3s to trade up when he had Clarke? Why the Fock did he give up those two 3s period? He also drafted a punter. You know who also drafted a punter, Magic Mike.

After two years of watching Darnold Douglas was offered 2 first round picks for him by the Niners in January. Douglas said he wasn’t ready to make a decision on his QB yet. But somehow the Niners were? He eventually trades Darnold to, you guessed it Carolina, for a 6th in 2021 and 2nd and fourth in 2022. I’m not going to continue, it’s pointless because fans don’t want to consider that Douglas’s is a reincarnation of Magic Mike. I don’t either but let me try to sum up.

Right now IMO the Jets are at the same point the Bills were a couple of years ago. They were two years into the Rex Ryan clown show until one day the Owner had a epiphany and fired Rex. He manned up and admitted the obvious. I made a bad decision and have to fix it. With that he turned around the Bills franchise who are now legit SB contenders.

Douglas was a terrible panicked hire by two idiots Chris Johnson and Adam Gase. He has no process or LT plan of how to build a roster. No confidence in his player evaluation and decision making skills clearly shown by his actions thus far

The word consensus is the key word for understanding how Douglas and Magic Mike are the same. Douglas always talks about building a consensus decision, which is BS. There is no such thing when one person has complete control of the roster. It’s how incompetent managers deflect blame on others for their failings. Magic Mike drafted Leo the "consensus" best player in the draft when he had three all pros already on the d line. Douglas drafted Davis, the consensus best player on the board, with Adams and Maye on roster. Think about it. Is that roster building

The year before Ron Wolf became Green Bay’s GM he was the Jets asst GM. In that draft Wolf was hounding the GM to trade up for Brett Favre but he was rebuffed. In the next draft Wolf was Packers GM and his first move was to trade GB’s First round pick to the Falcons for Favre, their second rounder the year before and disaster in his rookie season. What’s my point?

Douglas couldn’t decide if he liked Darnold after watching him almost daily in practice, off season and games for two fn years. Lynch and Shanahan offered two first round picks for Darnold even though statistically he was one of the worst QBs in the league over his career. So what qualities should you look for in a good GM and HC. The big picture decisive, confident, team building vision of the Niners or the cover your ass hide behind the consensus Douglas/MMs. Unfortunately most Jets fans are eternal optimists and don’t question simple decisions that impact the franchise

If the fn Johnson’s don’t fire Douglas now chances are GGN and the league will be saying Wilson was overrated like Darnold. Not because they were or are. They just had an incompetent GM who put them behind a horrible o line and couldn’t build a roster with any depth or balance. Best case a 500 team.

The longer Douglas is there the more damage he’ll do, just like MM. Let Saleh pick his own GM after the season. Give him, Wilson and the fans a chance. Be the Bills! Own your decisions and correct your blatant fn mistakes for once.

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