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Jets Announce Numerous Roster Moves

New York Jets v Carolina Panthers Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

The Jets announced several roster moves today in response to Week 1 injuries.

As a reminder, injured reserve reserve rules this year require players placed on IR to stay there for three weeks. This is far less strict than the rules used to be. Previously players had to stay on IR for at least eight weeks, and teams had a limit to the number of players who could be reactivated each season. If you go back even longer, there was a time where IR meant your season was over with no option to reactivate players.

We discussed the Morstead signing earlier today. It is no surprise he will take Mann’s spot on the roster. Across the board the players signed are replacing a player at the same position who was placed on IR.

The Jets also announced some practice squad signings. Wilson and Williams were signed to the active roster off the practice squad, leaving two openings.