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Bonus Jets Podcast Mailbag

New York Jets Training Camp Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

Almost every week I put up a post asking for mailbag questions. Usually we get many great questions, too many to fit into a mailbag show. I enjoy it when I can do a bonus podcast mailbag to get to as many of the questions from that week as possible. Bonus mailbags are very difficult to do once the season begins so while I still have a chance I want to do an additional mailbag this week.

In this mailbag we discuss the reason the Jets have so many young starters. Is it philosophical? It is a sign of talent? Is it due to how bad the alternatives are? Is it some combination of these things? (Yes.)

I also talk about how captains should be chosen, Kyle Phillips’ chances to make an impact, and covering the team I root for.

Thanks again for the questions, and thanks for listening to the podcast.