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Five Losers From the Jets Preseason Opener

New York Jets v New York Giants Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

We spoke earlier about players who helped their cause in the Jets’ preseason victory over the Giants. Now let’s talk about players who did themselves no favors.

Chris Naggar: Naggar missed a field goal attempt, and he ended up being cut on Monday. He probably lost his job from this game.

Mike White: The backup quarterback role has generated a lot of discussion over the course of the offseason. It has looked like a question mark. That hasn’t changed after a shaky performance by White on Saturday. He looked very hesitant to throw anything beyond five years. The few times he did, his passes lacked accuracy and touch.

James Morgan: White was unimpressive, but Morgan was worse. He struggled even with the easy passes which he sprayed all over the place. There were points where we saw Hackenbergian levels of inaccuracy. Watching practice last week, I got the impression Josh Johnson might be the second best quarterback on the roster by default. Nothing from Saturday changed my mind.

Kenny Yeboah: The tight end position is wide open for the Jets. It probably doesn’t bode well for Yeboah that he was playing in the fourth quarter of this game. It probably bodes worse that he fumbled away his only reception.

La’Michal Perine: In what could be a make or break preseason for Perine, he began with just 30 yards on 12 carries.