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Jets Defensive Snap Totals: Bryce Huff and Jonathan Marshall Get Their Chance to Produce

New York Jets v New York Giants Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

Here are the defensive snap totals from last night’s preseason opener between the Jets and the Giants.

I mentioned this in the offensive breakdown, but getting a lot of playing time in the preseason opener is a bit of a catch-22. It is a sign you aren’t expected to play a prominent role. You might even be on the roster bubble. But you get plenty of opportunity to make an impact.

There certainly were Jets on the defensive side of the ball who made the most of that opportunity last night. Among them were Bryce Huff and Jonathan Marshall, both of whom posted multi-sack games. Huff has a clear path to playing time if he continues to produce. Marshall might have to wait a bit, but the coaches certainly will take note of what he did last night.

What takeaways do you have from last night’s defensive snap totals for the Jets?