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Jets Offensive Snap Totals: Denzel Mims Makes the Most of His Playing Time

New York Jets v New York Giants Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

Let’s take a look at offensive snap totals for the Jets from their preseason opener last night against the Giants.

Getting a lot of snaps in the preseason opener can be a bit of a blessing and a curse. The prominent players on the roster typically don’t play much. If you are getting extensive action, it is likely a sign you are lower on the depth chart.

Still this presents opportunity. The more playing time you get in preseason, the more chances you have to impress the coaches.

Denzel Mims has been the subject of much attention this year during training camp. Many writers have questioned his place and role on the team. Last night in leading Jets receivers with 33 snaps on offense he produced and at least for one day was able to generate some positive stories. We will have more on Mims over the next few days.

What are your takeaways from the offensive snap totals in the preseason opener?