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Jets vs Giants Second Half Thread

Random Acts Of Football 2012 Snoopy Statue Dedication Ceremony Photo by Desiree Navarro/Getty Images

The first half of the New York Jets preseason opener against the New York Giants is in the books, and the Jets are beating the Giants, 3 - 0 in a scintillating barnburner.

The Jets opened strong, the defense forcing the Giants offense into a three and out, with heavy pressure by the front four and a sack by Bryce Huff.

We then saw Zach Wilson take his first snaps with the Jets against another team. The results were fairly encouraging. Running a conservative offense featuring the running game and mostly short passes, Wilson confidently moved the Jets down the field before settling for a 30 yard field goal by Chris Naggar. After the Jets defense stopped the Giants again, Wilson and the Jets took over deep in Jets territory on the 9 yard line. Wilson again moved the ball effectively, getting into Giants territory before a Keelan Cole offensive pass interference penalty stopped the drive. The Jets went for it on 4th and 1 and failed, turning the ball over on downs. Zach Wilson and the Jets first team offense was done for the night at that point. Wilson finished 6 for 9 good for 63 passing yards and 3 points. It wasn’t a dominant effort, but Wilson and the Jets offense were efficient and fairly effective running a conservative, ball control offense.

The rest of the half featured the backups from both teams, and the play predictably got less effective and more ragged. Neither team scored after the Jets early field goal, so we go into the second half with the Jets leading by 3 points.

From here on out we get to see the scrubs for both teams. Whether the Jets scrubs outscore the Giants scrubs or vice versa is irrelevant. The individual performances are what matters here, as we get our first long looks at some young players for the Jets.

Enjoy the second half everyone.