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Podcast: What to Watch in Jets Training Camp

New York Jets Training Camp Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Training camp is underway for the Jets as the team prepares for a new season.

On today’s podcast I discuss things to watch in camp. Obviously the top topic right now is Zach Wilson as the rookie quarterback remains unsigned. All eyes will be on him until the team and the second overall pick reach a deal. (And even after then all eyes will remain on him.)

After Wilson, there are other things to watch. They include injuries. To me a successful camp is one where no injuries take place no matter what else happens. With a new coaching staff, the Jets will also be implementing new systems. Every player on the roster gets a fresh start with this coaching staff. We will also have to see whether there are additions to the roster to improve problem spots. I discuss this all on today’s show.

Thanks as always for tuning in.