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The New York Jets Quiz

How Much Do You Know?

‘It’s Academic’ tapes final shows of this season for its 50th anniversary. Photo by ASTRID RIECKEN For The Washington Post via Getty Images

The New York Jets Quiz

Okay, all you life long Jets fans, it’s time to put your memory to the test. These will be questions that do with the history of the Titans/Jets franchise from 1960 to the present.

There will not be questions about sacks or tackles since those stats were not always counted until after the Jets’ inception.

All the answers will be at the bottom of this quiz.. don’t cheat, don’t look at the answers first

Cheaters will be shot...

Let’s see how you do...are you ready?

Come on now, are you ready?

I figured you would be; you all are fired up and ready to go. I must say you are a fine looking group of Jets fans.

This test will be tough so put your thinking caps on...

Just so you know...a little hint to the quiz...none of the answers will be about this guy.

Are You ready.. well then grab a piece of paper and write down your answers and

The New York Jets Quiz

1) Which player holds the franchise single season pass receptions record for the Jets?

2) How Many New York Jets Jerseys have been retired?

For extra credit, who (if any) are the numbers of the retired jerseys?

3) Which Jets QB was active for the most games in team history?

4) Joe Namath holds the single season record for passing yards in a season with 4,007 yards. Who had the 2nd most passing yards in a season?

5) Which player holds the record for the longest kick-off return in Jets history?

6) Which player holds the franchise record for most interceptions in a career?

7) Who was the last head coach for the Jets to have left with a career record of over .500?

We are almost half way through

8) Name the Jets GM with the same name as a former Jets offensive coordinator.

9) Which player holds the franchise record for the most kick-off returns for TDs in a single season, and how many TDs did he have?

10) Which player holds the franchise record for punt returns for a TD in a career?

11) Which tight end holds the franchise record for TDs receptions in a career?

12) Which player holds the franchise record for most points scored in a season?

13) Which two RBs are tied for the franchise record for TD receptions in a career? Also for extra credit how many TD did they have?

14) Which player holds the franchise record for (pick sixes) interceptions returned for a TD in franchise history?

15) How many franchise playoff wins do the Jets have in their history?

Extra Credit Bonus- Which player played in the most games in Jets franchise history?


Give yourself 6 points for every question you get correct.

Give yourself 1 points for each extra credit answer you get correct.

Extra Credit Bonus is worth 4 points (it’s a layup)

Okay I know you did well; so how did you do?

Okay; you didn’t do that well... come on. Don’t lie..

The Answers Are Below Don’t Look Until You Are Finished With The Quiz

Stay away until you finish the quiz and

Answer Key

1) Brandon Marshall with 109 receptions in 2015. He is the only Jets receiver to catch more than 94 passes in a season.

2) 5 Jerseys retired

#12 Joe Namath, #13 Don Maynard, #28 Curtis Martin, #73 Joe Klecko, #90 Dennis Byrd

3) Pat Ryan- 141 games From 1978-1989

Ryan was a competent backup for the time with a cannon arm and a 31 TD-31 INT ratio

4) Ryan Fitzpatrick with 3,905 yards in 2015

5) Joe McKnight 107 yards

6) Bill Baird with 34 INTs which was done in 98 games from 1963-1969

7) Al Groh who coached only one year before leaving for the University of Virginia. Groh left with a record of 9-7 after taking over for Bill Parcells.

8) John Idzik the son of John Idzik who was the offensive coordinator for the Jets

under Walt Michaels from 1977-1979. Idzik’s teams were never over .500

9) Leon Washington - 3 TDs in 2007

10) Dick Christy with 4 TDs between 1961-1963

11) Jerome Barkum with 40 TDs who ranks 4th among all career TD receptions for the Jets

12) Jim Turner with 145 points in 1968 (the Super Bowl year) He is also tied for 2nd All-Time (Jason Myers 2018) with 129 points in the following year of 1969.

13) Emerson Boozer (1966-1975) and Freeman McNeil (1981-1992) each had 12 receiving TDs which is sad that the team record is so low.

14) Erik McMillian who had 5 pick six TDs between 1988-1992.

15) The Jets have a mere 12 playoff wins and 13 playoff losses. To put that in perspective the 49ers have 33 wins along with 22 losses, and New England has 37 wins and 21 losses. Even the Baltimore Ravens have 16 wins and 11 losses only since 1996 (their inception).

Extra Credit answer - Pat Leahy played in 250 games for the Jets


100 points

Is a perfect score, of course then you cheated, there is no doubt about it hang your head.

90-99 points

You again cheated. You just did so poorly or you would have had a perfect score.

80-89 Points

You obviously know way too much about the Jets and should be a Jets historian.


Great score. You have a vast knowledge about the Jets.


This is an above average score. You messed up the bell curve for the rest of the class.


This is an average score but still well done.


You tried hard but came up short, you gave the effort and that counts for nothing.


This is a poor score, but at least you tried.


This is the Chris and Woody Johnson level. Enough said.

Thank you for your efforts... Now it’s

Tell everyone your scores below.

This was meant to be a fun exercise before training camp begins.

I hope you all did well.