Shabified rookies better shape up before they get shipped out

Welcome all Jet rookies, you are indeed a promising group and you have the opportunity of a life time ahead of you as you transition from College to the NFL.

I've seen a number of talented young players come into town with the same opportunity, but they did not take

their commitment to professionalism seriously. DO NOT DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:

DO NOT DRINK HEAVILY: Already noticed some rookies drinking heavily, and I know there is temptation

to drink hard and party hard with your teammates, drink after games, or in the off season, there's a reason many of the NFL greats did not drink, and there's plenty of time to cut up rough on the off season or after you retire, you are so much better off not drinking, and same goes for weed, you don't want to be smoking during the season, it's counter productive and in the end will cost you big.

Dedication to professionalism will define your career, don't blow it by partying like your still in college.

You've got one chance, make the most of it, live clean, play hard, win games, make lots of money.

All gas no brakes on the field, all brake no gas in the bars.

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