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Podcast: Talking About Jamison Crowder’s Paycut and Minicamp

Cleveland Browns v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Yesterday the Jets and Jamison Crowder reportedly agreed to a reworked contract. The slot receiver will take a paycut to stay with the team in 2021.

Some sort of resolution needed to be worked out. The Jets have built a deep wide receiver room, and Crowder’s previous cap number was too high. The move allows the team to keep its depth while reducing Crowder’s price to something more reasonable.

Today also marks the start of minicamp, the final set of practices for the offseason. After this minicamp the Jets will not return to the practice field until the start of training camp preparing for the 2021 season.

On today’s podcast I talk about both of these developments. I give thoughts on why the Crowder move shows sound front office thinking and why the events of the minicamp are likely to generate way too much attention.

Thanks as always for listening to the podcast.