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Quinnen Williams Expected to Be Ready for Training Camp After Undergoing Foot Surgery

Denver Broncos v New York Jets Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

Jets defensive lineman Quinnen Williams had successful foot surgery on Thursday according to Tom Pelissero. His prognosis sounds promising.

An injury like this is all about timing. If it had come in the autumn, it would be a big deal. That recovery timeframe would have Williams missing most of the season. His season would probably be over if it happened in the second half of October or later. Since it happened in the offseason, this doesn’t seem like that big of a least for the Jets.

Quinnen has a rehab to undergo, but it sounds like all will be fine for the start of 2021 season. Even if he has to take things easy in the early stages of training camp, that won’t be the biggest deal. Those practices matter more for developing players. Somebody who is already an impact guy won’t really miss them. More reps would go to players who can use them.