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Gang Green Nation Highlight Reel

NFL: New York Jets OTA John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Fanposts:

Jets Position Review: Defensive Line

LI_JETS reviews the strongest unit on the team.

Why Am I Not Happier About the Jets Situation?

square1 offers reasons why to pump the brakes on our excitement in the Jets organization.

Top Comments:

On Zach Wilson:

We’ll see how it turns out, but this is a much different personality than the last two Southern California Beach Boys we’ve had a high no. 1 Pick QBs. Wilson is a much more alpha personality. Openly ambitious. Take charge. More outspoken. Aggressive. Bordering on abrasive, to some. Aright, man, thats out boy now. Let it ride.

-Broadway Jose

On George Fant:

I wouldn’t give up on Fant so easily. 2020 was his first full year in a starting role. With Seattle, he was a swing tackle and sometimes a Tight End. He is very athletic, let’s see what he can do in a zone blocking scheme first before we jettison him for a player he probably is equal with. Most o-lineman make a leap in year 2, let’s give Fant a chance.

-The Ultimate Stapler

On the direction the Jets should run the ball next year:

I would like to see the jets run left

-Smiling Tom

On people underestimating CJ Mosley:

I am so confused on the Cj Mosley lack of respect. Have people forgotten how amazingly good Mosley was in Baltimore and how skilled he is? I know he has been out injured for 19 and took 20 off for covid, but he is still only 28 years old, far from over the hill.Was looking at top linebackers in the league and Donta Hightower was number 12 while Moseley wasn’t even mentioned. Both took last year off and Hightower is 3 years older and was never the player Mosley was. Why no love for an all pro linebacker across his entire career?


On the Jaguars signing Tim Tebow:

I get the hate completely. He’s been out of football for over a decade playing a position he has literally never played before. If not for his relationship with the HC, there is absolutely no way he even gets a camp invite.
On top of that, he is also a media magnet due to all things not football-related.
Not a great message to be sending to the rest of the team

-The Great Bambi

On Whether or Not the Jets should trade for Julio Jones:

There’s no way I’m trading for Julio. We have a very exciting young core. We have guys on rookie deals and Davis has a reasonable contract. Julio is a great player. He’s just not a player the Jets need


On the size of Mekhi Becton:

AVT looks tiny next to Becton


Godzilla looks tiny next to Becton

-FL LabRat

On a hypothetical conversation between Joe Douglas and Richard Sherman:

Joe “Corleone” Douglas’s offer to Sherman “Here’s my offer.. Nothing... In fact, I’d like you to pay me to join the team..” I wish..



On Other People Predicting Breakout Seasons:

“These Jets Will Have Breakout Seasons in 2021”



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