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Podcast: In-Depth Zach Wilson Breakdown With Jake Hatch

2021 NFL Draft Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The focus for Jets fans is all on Zach Wilson right now. Many fans don’t know much about the new franchise quarterback beyond the stellar 2020 season that led him to the top of the NFL Draft.

On today’s podcast my guest is Jake Hatch. Jake is the host of the Locked on (BYU) Cougars podcast. He has been analyzing Wilson since the time he was a high school recruit. Jake offers some amazing insight on the new quarterback of the Jets. Jake addresses issues such as Wilson’s leadership, his past surgery, and his inconsistent play prior to 2020. You might feel more optimistic on all of these matters after listening to Jake. I really enjoyed the insight here. It helped me get to know the player the Jets picked to lead their franchise a lot better.

Thanks to Jake for joining me, and thank you for listening to the show.