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Jets Podcast: Schedule Release and Listener Spotlight Return

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

The NFL schedule has been released. We already knew the opponents the Jets would face this year, but we now know the order of the games, the kickoff times, and the television broadcasts (unless the games are flexed). I am not a big fan of schedule release day. I think it has too much hype, but there still are a handful of takeaways. In the first segment of today’s podcast, I discuss some of them.

After talking about the schedule, we have the return of the listener spotlight segment. Last offseason I invited listeners onto the podcast to tell their story. Joining me today is Ben. Ben is actually somebody I met by chance in the real world who listened to the podcast and read articles on this website. To paraphrase Cosmo Kramer, meeting Ben made me feel like I was a minor celebrity creating a minor stir. Ben tells us about what it has been like to root for the Jets and his thoughts on the current team.

Thanks for listening.