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How Did the Jets Do in the 2021 NFL Draft According to Pro Football Focus’ Big Board?

2021 NFL Draft Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Each year after the NFL Draft I like to compare the picks the Jets made to the big boards of various Draft analysts and media companies.

Of course there is no guarantee that any individual analyst is right, but this is an objective way to try and determine how much value the Jets got from their picks. It’s free of the anything the Patriots do is great; anything the Jets do is wrong bias that sometimes populates Draft grades.

We will begin by comparing the Jets’ picks in 2021 to Pro Football Focus’ big board. We will do this with more big boards over the next few weeks.

Zack Wilson, Pick: 2, PFF Ranking: 2, Net Value: Even

Alijah Vera-Tucker, Pick: 14, PFF Ranking: 21, Net Value: -7

Elijah Moore, Pick 34, PFF Ranking: 22, Net Value: +12

Michael Carter, Pick: 107, PFF Ranking: 89; Net Value: +18

Jamien Sherwood, Pick: 146, PFF Ranking: 163, Net Value: -17

Michael Carter II, Pick: 154, PFF Ranking: NR

Jason Pinnock, Pick: 175, PFF Ranking: 218, Net Value: -43

Hamsah Nasrildeen, Pick: 186, PFF Ranking: 129, Net Value: +57

Brandin Echols, Pick: 200, PFF Ranking: NR

Jonathan Marshall, Pick: 207, PFF Ranking: 134, Net Value: +73

Generally speaking, it seems like PFF’s board likes what the Jets did. Three of the top four picks represent surplus value on this big board (the most important picks the Jets made), and PFF graded two picks on the final day roughly two rounds higher than where the Jets selected them. There were a couple of picks that didn’t make PFF’s top 311 big board, but those are late rounders.

We will see whether other boards rank the Jets’ class more or less favorably in future installments of this series.