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Brian Hoyer Visiting the Jets on Thursday

New England Patriots v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Veteran quarterback Brian Hoyer is having a free agent visit with the Jets today.

After the trade of Sam Darnold, second year quarterback James Morgan currently tops the depth chart. That, of course, is a temporary arrangement until the team picks its new quarterback with the second selection in the NFL Draft.

Hoyer is a 35 year old journeyman who has played for eight different organizations. He started one game last season, a loss in which he competed 15 of 24 passes for only 130 yards against the Chiefs.

He presumably would be brought in to compete with Morgan for the second quarterback job. Given Hoyer’s resume, it would seem like a negative sign for Morgan if he was unable to earn the second quarterback job. Hoyer has had brief stretches of competent play in his career, but those came a long time ago. The Jets or any team would likely have a difficult time winning games with him at this stage.