It’s Official Joe Douglas is another failure in the Jets Johnson legacy.

Welcome back Woody. Bad news your Brother Chris is smarter than you and he’s the dumbest man in the NFL.

I won’t waste my time explaining the obvious Let’s just say Chris let that idiot Magic Mike destroy the franchise, woke up one day and had an revelation that MM was in fact an idiot, fired him and left the franchise in the hands of Joe Douglas, the only person we could find to work with Gase, widely known as one of worst HCs in NFL.

Joe Douglas had spent previous 3 years as the Asst GM of Eagles whose draft during his time there are widely ranked as being basically complete failures, resulting in a disaster of a roster and firing of their SB champion HC.

This is the man given the job of another Jets rebuild. Some of his highlights include bringing an injured off lineman out of retirement in the middle of training camp, trading Leonard Williams, which was as stupid as I said it would be, rebuilding the off line, his specialty, into one of worst in league, hiring another "players coach" who remarkably was not only successful as the DC of a defense loaded with first round draft picks, but also gives great press conferences.

Then he scapegoats Sam Darnold, surrounds him with no players or coaches and then gives him away for NOTHING to draft a one year wonder because he’s the next Patrick Mahomes. I got news for you Patrick Mahomes is who he is because he’s surrounded by stars. I can also guarantee you the worst QB in this draft will be the one the Jets pick, just like it was last time and regardless of where they pick or who they take.

But it resets the Joe Douglas clock, because now he’s in a full rebuild mode. We can’t judge him for at least 4-5 years. That’s the Jet GM playbook. That’s the Johnson playbook. Let’s keep doing what doesn’t work. Let’s hire a first time GM to rebuild the franchise and give him total control. Worked so well with MM. Kept us from hiring Klinghofer as the HC. Look at the disaster the Cardinals are. Dodged that bullet!!

I know I’m an idiot but if I’m in a rebuilding mode for the 1st or 5th time I would hire someone who has proven experience building something. Could have hired John Dorsey, who helped make GB, GB, turned the Chiefs into winners, led the Browns turn around into contenders......but know Joe Douglas is better. Could have hired Doug Pederson, a SB champion HC, no way. Too much experience. Same old Jets, same old trust fund, tax dodging nightmare Johnson’s.

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