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Podcast: Jets Trade Sam Darnold to Carolina

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

The Sam Darnold Era came to an official end yesterday. Three years after trading up for the quarterback, the Jets traded him to the Carolina Panthers for a sixth round pick this year and future second and fourth round picks.

An era that seemed to have great promise ends as a failure. Darnold did not develop during his time with New York. For their part, the Jets did everything in their power to ensure Darnold would not develop. A change is likely best for all parties here. Darnold gets a fresh start in Carolina while the Jets will get to try again by taking another quarterback high in the first round of this year’s Draft.

On today’s podcast I offer my thoughts on all of the implications of the deal. I talk about the logic behind the deal, the value the Jets got, a retrospective on Darnold’s time with the team, and more.

Thanks as always for listening.