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Jets Fans Overwhelmingly Approve of the Selections of Zach Wilson and Alijah Vera-Tucker

2021 NFL Draft Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The first round of the 2021 NFL Draft is complete, and it is time to check in with SB Nation Reacts.

In case you aren’t familiar with SB Nation Reacts, it is a survey of Jets and other NFL fans asking their opinions on their favorite teams and the league in general. We send out the surveys during the season and at various points during the offseason.

It was an active first round for the Jets last night. The team made a pair of picks and a trade.

How do fans feel about the picks? The answer is pretty good if our surveys are to be believed.

Two-thirds of Jets fans give the Zach Wilson pick an A. The other one-third seemed satisfied as well, giving the selection a B.

How about the lineman picked to block for Wilson? 87% of fans surveyed give the selection of Alijah Vera-Tucker an A. Another 10% give it a B.

Some of the lawyers among us might note that the wording of the question asks only about the pick, not the trade. I have no data on how many voters were strict constructionists when it came to factoring the deal with Minnesota into their grade.