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Jets Mailbag: How Difficult Is It to Evaluate 2021 Draft Prospects?

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

Today is our final podcast mailbag before the 2021 NFL Draft. Perhaps one day we will divide podcast mailbags into two eras, before and after the 2021 Draft.

Ok, that probably won’t happen, but thanks all the same to those who submitted mailbag questions. I got to as many as I could. Apologies to those who submitted questions that didn’t get answered. I guess if the question was about the Draft it won’t be relevant in the future, but if you had a non-Draft question that went unanswered feel free to send it as part of a future podcast.

Today we look at how much more difficult it will be to evaluate 2021 prospects, how exciting this era is for the Jets. what the Jets should do with the second pick, Zach Wilson’s intangibles, how much of a challenge it will be for a new coaching staff to help the evaluation process, and more.

Thanks for listening.