Willtakecharge's Final Jets Mock Draft 2021

This is my mock draft I just did with TDN’s draft simulator.

*note: I did not mean to draft three Georgia players in a row. That was coincidental haha.

Round 1:

2 – Zach Wilson, QB, BYU: Obviously, the likely pick at this point. I also think it would be the right pick. Wilson’s arm strength and ability to throw off platform is top-notch, and he plays with an underrated level of athleticism. What seals the deal of Wilson over Fields is that Wilson is a far more instinctive player who has a better feel for the pressure and knows how to extend plays. Even though the BYU offensive line was particularly good, the stats show that Wilson handled pressure better than any other QB in this class.

23 – Azeez Ojulari, EDGE, Georgia: I know many people worry about Ojulari as a scheme fit in Robert Saleh’s defense (I do not love it either), but Ojulari is too good a player to pass up with Jaelan Phillips and Teven Jenkins off the board in this simulation. Besides Phillips, Ojulari may be the best pure pass rusher in the class. He lead the SEC in sacks last year. Ojulari could fill in as a SAM linebacker on the early downs, and rush the passer with his incredible bend, burst and underrated strength on the later downs.

Round 2:

34 – Eric Stokes, CB, Georgia: I am a huge fan of Stokes. He is insanely athletic, has good reactive instincts, and has excellent ball skills. I also think he is a good scheme fit in a predominately zone-system, where some of his flaws (i.e. quick change of direction, and man coverage technique) will be masked to some extent. 34 would be really good value, in an obvious position of need for the Jets.

Round 3:

66 – Ben Cleveland, G, Georgia: Cleveland would be ideal for a third-round pick. He has all the qualities you want in a guard. He has ideal size, is strong at the point of attack, and is very technically sound. His athleticism is also better than I thought so I would not be too worried about him moving into a zone-blocking scheme.

86 – Michael Carter, RB, North Carolina: Carter has been one of "my guys" throughout this draft process. I watched a bunch of UNC games this past year because their offense was so fun to watch. Probably because he was behind Javonte Williams on the depth chart, Carter picked up this reputation of being a "change of pace" third down back. I strongly disagree, he has the potential to be a number-1 back. Carter is like a human joystick, his cuts are extremely clean and crisp, and he times them perfectly before contact. He also has incredible patience and vision and would fit perfectly in the outside zone scheme the Jets will be planning to run. His power and athleticism will not pop out, but in the right scheme he will be a plus starter in this league.

Round 4:

107 – Kendrick Green, IOL, Illinois: Green has been getting a lot of buzz recently in the draft community so I doubt he will fall to the 4th round, but if he does, the Jets must capitalize. Green would be perfect in a zone-blocking scheme. He has elite get off, is incredibly athletic, and may be the best interior offensive lineman in this class at getting to his assignments quickly on the second level. He is a bit raw, but I have no doubt any issue he has is correctable. In this mock the Jets draft their two starting guards for the next 10 years.

Round 5:

146 – James Wiggins, S, Cincinnati: Wiggins is a bit of a developmental pick here, but I am very intrigued by his ceiling. Wiggins has incredible athleticism and ball skills and has translated that into some highlight plays over his careers. He is not a perfect prospect, overshoots some of his assignments, and needs to clean up his coverage and tackling technique, but the ceiling is there. He won’t be starting day 1, but I think Wiggins is a nice hedge if Ashtyn Davis doesn’t work out for the team.

154 – Cade Johnson, WR, South Dakota State: Cade Johnson is a small school guy, but is one of my favorite sleepers in this class. He had elite production in college and demonstrated excellent ball skills and separation ability. Obviously, the competition was not great, but he did what he needed to do: he dominated. Additionally, Johnson popped out in the senior bowl and really looked like he belonged. I could easily see him as a replacement for Crowder in the slot next year.

Round 6:

186 – Jaylon Moore, OT, Western Michigan: Another developmental pick. Moore is not close to a finished project with his technique, but he has some solid athletic potential. He is a fluid mover, with quick feet and could be another guy who has some upside in a zone-scheme.

226 – Dax Milne, WR, BYU: This pick is for Zach Wilson. I am getting him his favorite target from college. Milne is a solid receiver in his own right. He is a technically refined receiver who does a good job stacking corners. He also has solid ball skills and demonstrates good body control on contested catches.

Thoughts, comments, critiques? Would love to hear anything!

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