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Podcast: Jets Draft Talk With Joe Marino

NFL Combine - Day 2

On today’s podcast my guest is Joe Marino of The Draft Network. You might remember Joe from past podcast appearances as he also is the host of Locked on Bills. Joe appears regularly before Jets-Bills games. Today he is here to talk about the Jets and the upcoming Draft.

On the show Joe and I discuss the options for the Jets. We go through the choices for quarterback at 2. We then talk about pick 23 and the direction the Jets could go. We move on to discuss later picks and sleepers. Then Joe tells us his views about Joe Douglas’ plan. It is the kind of thing you like to hear from a rival fan. We all have hope, but it feels different hearing a Bills fan praise the Jets’ direction.

Thanks as always for listening to the show. You can subscribe to Locked on Jets where podcasts are found.