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NFL Draft Focused Jets Mailbag

NFL: APR 26 2019 NFL Draft Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Today we have our weekly podcast mailbag. Thanks to everybody who summited questions to the show. It comes as no surprise that this week’s mailbag comes with a heavy focus on the NFL Draft with the event just over two weeks away.

Today we look at the wisdom of the Jets potentially trading up from the 23rd pick in the Draft, the wisdom of the Jets potentially trading down from 23 if they were able to add a late second round pick in return, whether the Jets should wait until the second day of the Draft to address the interior offensive line, whether it would make sense to convert Bless Austin to safety, which pass rusher in the Draft could potentially push the Jets defensive line to the next level, and whether picking a running back at 23 or 34 should be a viable option.

Thank you as always for listening.