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Jets Podcast: NFL Draft Thoughts

NFL Draft Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The focus of the offseason has turned to the upcoming NFL Draft. In particular, the focus is understandably is on the second pick. The Jets will almost assuredly use that to select the next quarterback of the future. It could be Zach Wilson. It could be Justin Fields. There is even an outside chance it will be somebody else.

The picks that follow are also important. Having the quarterback is essential to building a winning team, but a quarterback alone is not enough. The rest of the team also needs to be built. The Jets have ample Draft capital at the moment to make big strides.

On today’s podcast I offer some thoughts on these other picks. Particularly I tell you why I don’t think there can be a focus only on the most glaring needs, why I have changed my mind on trading up, and the timeframe for production.

Thanks for listening.