WR Heat Map Madness! Rd. 1.1

Hello everyone and welcome to the inaugural NFL Draft season 'WR Heat Map Madness'!

The rules are simple, I will take the route and target heats maps from the top 32 WR prospects (heat maps from PFF and top-32 as defined by PFF - go buy their membership), rank them accordingly, remove their names, and post the matchups on here. For every matchup there will be a poll for YOU to decide which WR you would rather have on your team based upon the area and frequency of routes they run and the frequency of where they were targeted.

No additional information will be provided in the matchups - it will be completely blind! By the end, we will see if the heat maps match the production profiles we all know so well or maybe uncover a few sleepers along the way! The matchups will follow this anonymized bracket below:

WR Brackeet

WR Bracket

Without further ado, let's get the first few matchups going!

WR 'A' vs. WR 'B':


WR 'C' vs. WR 'D'



Vote below on who 'won'!

In case the poll does not embed, here is the link:


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