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Gang Green Nation Highlight Reel

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Fanposts:

Complete Mock Offseason

downunderjets lays out an offseason for the Jets.

Top Comments:

On the NFL offseason:

My annual comment that the NFL should take after the NBA and have the draft before free agency. Jets could sign Thuney and Curtis Samuel, and then Jaylen Waddle and Wyatt Davis could fall to 23 and 34. I feel like it can force you to not draft BPA, and you should aways be drafting BPA

-Sam Darnold

On Sam Darnold:

I know everyone is sick of talking about QB’s but one thing about the Darnold defenders in the media all have a similar take. ”I liked him coming out and still think there’s potential there” Like the last 3 years of professional football (And his mediocre last year in college) mean nothing, there’s still this hidden potential they saw 4 years ago and the Jets just ruined it with terrible roster construction, and yes Maccagnan sure did screw the pooch there. But there has to be a better argument than potential, he really has regressed and analysts and media outlets just won’t let it go.


Lack of weapons Lack of offensive line Lack of coaching Terrible play calling Injury and illness Receivers dogging routes (Perriman on at least 5 occasions) Shows a lot of potential on his flash plays Athletic Good touch on his passes, which he’s improved on Ability to extend plays But yeah sure if you wanna ignore all that you’re probably right, he has nothing. Not saying he’s absolved of blame, but you dudes that act like none of the above plays a monumental role in this just need to come out and say you don’t like Darnold and end the discussion there. You guys literally have the same discussions everyday and dog on anyone who explains why Darnold could succeed here.


On drafting a QB:

Draft a QB and you might hit on a Herbert, Allen, Mahomes ignores everything to made those players good. Mahomes: You can say what you want about him being the best QB in football now, but there’s no denying he had some of the greatest circumstanes any QB has ever walked into to. He got to sit for a year, learn for one of the greatest offensive minds in NFL history in Andy Reid, and then when he finally did see the field he played on a team with an All-Pro WR, TE, an All-Pro OL, and multiple Pro-Bowl OL and RBs. Mahomes is great, but you don’t just draft Mahomes. You get a Mahomes by putting them in the right situation. Herbert: Herbert is similar to Mahomes, though not as great surroundings. Yes, his offensive line sucked. However, he was also playing with a top-5 TE, two Pro-Bowl WRs, and a top-3 pass catching RB. Allen: Allen is probably the best example of why a team winning games is important even for a QB that sucks. Confidence is everything and if you can win games even at your worst than confidence can stay high. That way when the team finally surrounds you with enough talent you can blossom. It’s no coincidence that Allen finally had a breakout year when the Bills added Stefon Diggs. I’m not advocating against drafting a QB. I’m very much pro-draft a QB this year. However, it’s very rare for QBs to be drafted to awful teams and succeed. You need to surround them with talent. Joe Douglas has the money to do that this offseason. If he can go out and give this team a legitimate offense then for sure, the QB could be good. Honestly, though I’m willing to bet that whoever the Panthers end up with will be the best rookie QB simply because they have the offense around them to make whoever that is great.


Phillip Rivers became a full time starter in 2006. Here’s a look at Rivers per 16 numbers versus Ben’s over the same time: Rivers: 64.9% completion, 28 TDs, 14 INTs, 4,220 yards, 7.8 yards per attempt, 95.3 passer rating, 31 sacks, 29 4th quarter comebacks Roethlisberger: 64.4% completion, 24 TDs, 12 INTs, 3,690 yards, 7.6 yards per attempt, 93.7 passer rating, 31 sacks, 28 4th quarter comebacks The two of them have had almost identical career numbers. Roethlisberger was on a team that had a stable head coach and a front office that built around him. Rivers was on a team that changed head coaches seemingly every other season, has had some of the worst special teams in the NFL, and seemingly always failed to surround him with top tier talent barring a few years at the end, and of course LT at the beginning. The only way you view Roethlisberger as better than Rivers is if the only thing you count is Roethlisberger’s single Super Bowl to Rivers’ none. Not to mention, the Chargers didn’t pick Rivers over Roethlisberger. They picked Manning and traded him for Rivers because Manning would only play in New York.


On Deshaun Watson rumors:

the longer we wait the more leverage we get, remember when the skins refused to trade Trent Williams unless for a first round pick plus some. ended up going for what a 5th and next years 3rd? houston is not going to have a qb ready to play if they hold onto deshaun. we end up getting him close to draft day for just the no 2 because we trade Sam to CAR and MIA doesn’t pull trigger after just taking Tua. Houston realizes it should get a top qb instead of paying for a hold out and losing all its games next year

-Stand Up Guy

On our options at QB:

This was originally a reply to a post down below @skjetsfan Agreed but all things such as this can be more than one thing at a time. IE: Jets fans could want a splashy signing, and Sam Darnold may have gotten no help AND he also might be a bum regardless. So far if we’re applying Occam’s Razor (the most obvious thing is the true thing), odds lean toward all three of those things being reality. I’ll get on board with team “keep Sam” if someone can address these things satisfactorally: 1.) Sam Darnold has any upside. We’re not talking a couple starts or one rookie season, we’re talking three years. In two different offenses. No world beaters on offense to help him out but it’s still been three different personnel groups and the same or similar levels of suck from him. A lot of guys point to the people who filled in when he was out having no more success, which is fair but he also gets all first team reps all preseasons and during the season, and the replacements he’s had are REALLY bad. Like, they’re not even second string on any other team bad. 2.) You cannot overhaul this team without trading out of #2 or drafting something other than a QB at #2 (ie: WR, OL) NYJ are second for cap space this season, with a new HC that’s very popular, so much so that he’s tied to the two biggest potential QB trades this year and potentially in the last 20+ years (Watson and Wilson). This isn’t the same thing as trying to sign guys with the table scraps Maccagnan left the team with or trying to entice guys to sign on here with KNOWN bum Adam Gase as coach. Guys will wanna be paid yes, but we’re not in a “send me anywhere but NYJ” situations like previous years. The Jets have a tremendous amount of high value draft picks thanks to the Jamal trade and also not reaching for other trades Two 1sts in 2021 and two firsts in 2022 alone are enough to change the course of any franchise as long as they’re used for anything besides FOUR disastrous mistakes. Does any player besides a QB at #2 make sense? Does a RT? Does a WR in a very deep WR year? Anything else? Most other positions will still be stocked with first or second choice at #23 still (CB, RB, G, maybe even RT). Which leads me to the last item.... What does a tradeback haul look like? You hear about it but I’ve heard only two scenarios, one that’s ‘pie in the sky’ NYJ fan numbers that’s like three 1st round picks or two 1sts and a 2nd or who knows what else. Then you have the Kiper scenario, which is a single 2nd round pick. And as much of an A-hole as Kiper is, the Jets traded up for Darnold and that was only worth three 2nds across two years. If a scenario like that played out, you’re usually looking like an early to mid 2nd and a later second; certainly later than our current 2nd rounder. Who do we need that there’s that late that’s a homerun? Our picks after Becton last year were Mims, Davis and Zuniga, are any of those guys or three guys of the caliber of any of those picks worth a franchise quarterback? Yes or no. If someone has another realistic tradeback comparison and who you get with that, I’d love to hear it. Kiper the only guy right now projecting a trade back, everyone else says QB at #2. Who of some significance has a better tradeback number? 3.) Rolling with Darnold for a year provides more opportunity than whatever picks (2nd? 3rd?) we’ll get in exchange for him. And if he doesn’t work out, we can take a QB next year. I’ve heard *maybe* one or two guys speculate that Darnold is actually good or even great but hasn’t been given a chance to show it. Everyone else says “he might not even be very good but no QB could succeed on this current team,so you get a QB cheap for a year and build everything else”. Assuming Sam doesn’t entirely crap his diaper next year, suppose he’s good or even great. What kind of extension to do you sign him for since he’s only got one year left? Isn’t this the kinda thing we did with Sanchez, where he signed the extension based on team success that happened in spit of him instead of because of him? He seems to get absolved of any responsibility but Joe Douglas WAS in the building when they signed that extension for Wentz that was based on fool’s gold production of a year or two. If we build an All Pro OL and WR corp to give Sam weapons for one year, what do we do with him in February? Assuming Sam is the same bum, what do you do with him after the season is over? How much value does he have at that point? I think all indications are zero. So what does next year’s QB opportunities hold? Everyone says “it’s too early”, well everyone was talking up Trevor Lawrence for three full years, so 2021’s draft wasn’t a surprise. Joe Burrow had an AMAZING year leading up to 2020 but there was 2019 buzz already, he was THE guy before the first game of his last college season, I don’t think him as consensus QB1 was a surprise a year out. Who’s QB1 and QB2 for 2022 so far? Are we even going to be in a place to take either of them? If we’re at the top of the draft (assuming any of us are still NYJ fans) are we not in the same place we are today regarding “other needs”? If we’re further back, are we talking QB3 or QB4 in a giant question mark year or do we need to now move up to take someone, and piss away all the picks we built up to in 2021? If I can get those three items resolved, I’ll stop laughing when I hear roll with Darnold one more year. Like, actual substantive, viable solutions.


I am on the Geno Train....Give Sam a real coach and offense to work with....Orlovsky stated Big Ben, Matt Ryan and Drew Brees all had similar interception totals thru same number of initial starts....I would say Sam has been more handicapped by the players and coaches than the other 3.....Let’s sign 4 premium free agents and have at least 4 productive players from the top 100 picks this year and see what happens...That is eight of the starting 21 others around the QB and includes the defense....


Top GIFS/Photos:

On Allen Robinson:

Here is the thing with Allen Robinson.

The man is a production machine, no matter the system, no matter who is the #2 receiver, and no matter who is throwing him the ball. Look at the QB’s he has had chucking it to him, not one is a legitimate starter in the NFL. 1) Christian Hackenburg in college at Penn State 2) Blake Bortles in Jacksonville 3) Nick Foles in Chicago 4) Mitch Trubisky in Chicago Literally a bunch of turds, and he still produces 1200 yards, 100 catches, and 7-8 TD’s. I don’t think he cares who is his QB, the man just produces. He is a winner. The Jets should be offering him a 5 year 100 million deal with 70 million guaranteed. Allen Robinson is heads above what any other Free Agent is in this class, and the Jets should make him their top priority. Also, isn’t it amazing how many GIF’s are out there dedicated to staplers? The Rise of the Ultimate Stapler is coming.......

-The Ultimate Stapler

So there you have it, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel. Want to be featured next week? Just keep doing what you do, and more importantly, keep being who you are—after all, YOU’RE what makes Gang Green Nation so great!


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