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Podcast: Jets add Vinny Curry and Tevin Coleman

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Just when you thought free agency was slowing down in the NFL, the Jets got active on Wednesday adding a pair of low cost veteran players. Neither is a major impact player but both could potentially fill roles capably at low prices.

Vinny Curry comes to the Jets from the Eagles, the team with whom he has spent all but one of his previous NFL seasons. In his 30s, Curry is a part-time player. He is still productive at getting to the quarterback, though. As a situational player he might be another quality addition to the pass rush.

The Jets will be Tevin Coleman’s third team. The running back has a reputation for being a really good receiver out of the backfield and has extensive experience in the system the Jets are installing on offense.

On today’s podcast we discuss both of these signings and the implications for 2021.

Thanks for listening.