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Jets agree to terms with Tevin Coleman

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Jets agreed to terms with veteran running back Tevin Coleman on Wednesday.

There is some degree of irony in this signing as Coleman was widely believed to be a backup plan for the Jets two years ago in free agency if they failed to sign Le’Veon Bell. In the time since, there have been reports that Adam Gase preferred Coleman, and the signing of Bell was a source of tension in the rift between the former head coach and Mike Maccagnan which ultimately led to Maccagnan’s dismissal.

Coleman has extensive experience in the system the Jets are installing. He comes most recently from San Francisco. The Jets offense will likely be influenced heavily by the 49ers’ scheme. Prior to that Coleman was a member of the Falcons when Kyle Shanahan was offensive coordinator.

Coleman was limited to 8 games and 28 rushing attempts in 2020. Prior to that he had been an effective rotational runner and had a reputation as one of the top receiving backs in the NFL. If he regain that form, he could be a very good value for the Jets.