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Jets sign Vinny Curry

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Jets have announced the signing of Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry.

Curry was a second round pick of the Eagles in 2012. He has spent eight of his nine NFL seasons with Philadelphia along with a one year stop in Tampa Bay in 2018.

Even at age 32, Curry has remained a productive pass rusher in a part-time role. On the surface this seems like a nice depth signing for the Jets. There seems to be a focus to really load up the defensive line with pass rushers for new head coach Robert Saleh.

We will see how things will work out, but it is a refreshing change of pace to have a coaching staff and front office that understand the importance of adding as many pass rushers as they can find. It is an area of this team that has been neglected for too long. This defensive line is now one young impact pass rusher away from potentially being among the best in the NFL. Perhaps that player will be found in this year’s NFL Draft.