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Podcast: How the Jets Handled Free Agency

New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

There will be more free agent signings by the Jets and other NFL teams. Some will happen this week. Some will happen next week. Some will happen in the weeks beyond that. There will likely be signings into the summer.

Still, there is a point each year where the pace of signings starts to slow down, and we might have reached it in 2021. Most of the money is now spent. There are plenty of new members of the Jets.

On today’s podcast we look at free agency and try to figure out the themes of the Jets’ spending. This was the first offseason where the current front office had a full slate of resources at its disposal. How did the Jets approach the offseason, and are there lessons in how they will operate going forward? That is the topic of today’s show.

Thanks as always for listening to the podcast.