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Jordan Jenkins agrees to terms with Texans

New England Patriots v New York Jets Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

Free agent edge rusher Jordan Jenkins has reportedly agreed to terms with the Houston Texans.

Jenkins was actually the longest tenured member of the Jets and the final member of the disappointing Draft class of 2016. He bet on himself last year, signing an inexpensive one year contract. It didn’t really work out as Jenkins’ sack total fell from 8 to 2.

I still wouldn’t have minded to see the Jets bring back Jenkins. He’s a very solid run defender and is a credible pass rusher. The Jets miscast him for most of his career as the top edge rusher on the team because they were so lacking at the spot. I don’t know that Carl Lawson would have improved Jenkins’ production, but he would have been more at place as the second guy.

If nothing else, Jenkins was a relative success story compared with other recent Jets Draft picks so I wish him well in his new home.