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Jets Free Agency Tracker With News, Rumors, and Live Updates 3/20

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

Welcome to a weekend of free agency.

As we enter Saturday, the Jets have a new tight end. It is Tyler Kroft, a former member of the Bengals and Bills. Kroft projects as a competent second tight end, a solid blocker who isn’t particularly dynamic as a receiver but isn’t a total zero either.

We wait to see what action occurs over the weekend. The Jets are reportedly in the mix for Keanu Neal, a Falcons safety who is set to move to linebacker. His decision seems to be down to the Jets and the Cowboys, although experienced free agency watchers know there is always a possibility of another team jumping in at the last moment. The unexpected frequently happens in free agency.

That makes you appreciate the things you can count on such as the GGN Twitter widget. It is embedded below with updates for another day in Jets free agency.