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Jets agree to terms with Tyler Kroft

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

The Jets have agreed to terms with former Bills and Bengals tight end Tyler Kroft according to his agent.

Tight end has been considered one of the weakest positions on the roster for the Jets. I don’t think Kroft projects as a starter. Instead I see him filling the second tight end spot, which tends to be primarily a blocking role. Ideally for this role you want somebody who is a quality blocker and can at least be functional when sent out on routes. Kroft fits this description.

I think frequently when a tight end lacks game breaking athleticism, he is labeled as a blocking tight end whether it is true or not. See Ryan Griffin. Kroft actually is a capable blocker and likely will be an upgrade on Griffin (and Trevon Wesco) in this role. We will have to wait and see the terms of the deal, but one would imagine it is in the same ballpark as Griffin’s cap hit.