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Report: 49ers not interested in Sam Darnold

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

All off-season we’ve heard that the 49’ers may be a trade partner for the Jets when it comes to their starting QB. However, not so far.

Ian Rapoport has said that according to his sources the 49’ers see Jimmy G as the better QB and won’t be in the running for the Jets much-malligned QB

“I’ve asked. I’ve talked to sources,” Rapoport said on the Murph & Mac show. “The response I’ve received on the Sam Darnold situation is, ‘Do not expect the 49ers to be in it.’ Maybe it could change, I guess. Theoretically, anything is possible. I never rule anything out in this ridiculous, stupid world.

“I do not expect the 49ers, as of my knowledge right now, to be in it. Could that change somehow? I don’t see why, but possibly.”

I never really thought the 49’ers were in the running. It didn’t make sense from the start.

Jimmy G took the 49’ers to the Super Bowl and currently holds a 67.5% completion with 51 touchdowns to 26 INT’s. You look at Sam Darnold, who may have untapped potential, and you look at his stats, and you look at his contract situation and it really doesn’t make sense to trade for him if you’re the 49’ers.

I think the Bears make some sense, I think the Broncos make some sense, but I can’t see the 49’ers entering the mix.