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NFL Free Agency Rumors: Joe Douglas Has No Financial Restrictions

New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

We are just hours away from the unofficial start of NFL free agency. It hasn’t been entirely clear how the Jets will operate during this period, but Connor Hughes of The Athletic says we should expect activity.

A year ago there were rumors the Jets were staying out of the high end of free agency due to cash flow issues. While it was treated as some major story, it was really more common sense. The team had committed a ton of guaranteed money the previous offseason. That typically limits what can happen the following season. There seem to be no such limits this year.

I think the right approach for the Jets is to do as Hughes states, be aggressive without being reckless. Even with these resources, there is a point for each player where the Jets should walk away. Of course, that is very broad advice. The specifics of each negotiation is what matters most.