AGOP: Quirky and Original

Middle school. A time that can be hard for many of us socially. There are a few cool kids, but for the most part everyone is just trying to fit in and survive the years. Many different "experts" have tried to find ways around this socially awkward time, and one sticks out to me in particular. The theory is based around the idea that middle schoolers should find a way to be quirky and original. The hope is that their peers will find their quirks endearing and become their friend.

That is the goal of this AGOP. It won't be the trendy or conventional plan, but I hope it is endearing (and at worst, humorous). Without further ado, I present to you this mock offseason.


Cap Space: 67,683,082

Draft Picks: 2, 23, 34, 66, 86, 107, 146, 154, 185


Alex Lewis - He was not good last year by any means. He should not be on the roster next year.

Ryan Griffin - Extending him during 2019 was a mistake. He did not perform in 2020.

Franchise Tag:

Marcus Maye - We need to have something to build around in the secondary. One year at 10.5 million is great.

**Note: Maye's 10.5 million is already counted in the given Cap Space.**


Nope. This team has few good players to begin with and a new system is coming in with no loyalties to outgoing players.

Updated Cap Space: 73,283,187

Free Agent Signings:

Joe Thuney - [5 years / 75 Million] - Our interior offensive line was terrible. Thuney is one of the best guards in the game. He is durable and consistent, something the Jets have not had in their interior for a while. We will have him while he is 28-32, so he should produce at a reasonably high level for every year of the contract.

Romeo Okwara - [3 years / 33 Million] - Saleh brings a 4-3 defensive system with him from San Francisco. The problem is that the Jets ran a 3-4 with the previous regime and do not have many 4-3 EDGE rushers. Okwara can be that. He had a breakout year in 2020, recording 10 sacks. He has all the athletic features for an EDGE rusher, but sometimes he fails to make an impact in games. However, with Saleh at the helm, I think Okwara's talents can be maximized.

K'Wuan Williams - [3 years / 24 Million] - The Jets have had pretty good production from the slot corner position the last two years with Brian Poole and Javelin Guidry. However, Saleh brings a familiar face with him to New York.

Richard Sherman - [2 year / 14 Million] - The Jets need to add an outside cornerback. Sherman is old, but can mentor younger players in addition to his on the field production. Another familiar face for Saleh.

As a reader, you are probably thinking, "This seems kind of normal. I was promised quirky and original." I am getting there.

Jacoby Brissett - [1 year / 10 Million] - Brissett was really good in 2019 before an injury derailed the rest of his season. In 2020, he was buried behind Phillip Rivers on the depth chart. I feel that if he was given the chance to play QB for an entire season, he would be solid.


Sam Darnold to Washington Football Team for 51 overall pick - Darnold needs a fresh start and might flourish in a new environment. WSH needs a QB badly and does not pick high enough in the draft to get Lawrence, Fields, Wilson, Lance, or Jones. According to Spotrac, the Jets save 4.7 Million with this trade.

Updated Cap Space: 27,060,823


TRADE: Pick number 2 to Carolina Panthers for picks 8, 39, 2022 1st, 2022 2nd - The Jets have Brissett as a bridge QB for 2021 and maximize the value for the number two overall pick. The Panthers acquire the ability to pick their second favorite QB in the draft. This will give the Jets a huge pile of draft picks: Two first rounders this year, three second rounders this year, three first rounders next year, and two second rounders next year.

Picks 1-7, in order, were: Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Ja'Marr Chase, Caleb Farley, Penei Sewell, Kyle Pitts, Zack Wilson

8: DeVonta Smith - Smith is a blue chip player that is going to be really good at the next level. He will fit perfectly as the number one wide receiver in our offense.

23: Alijah Vera-Tucker - Probably my favorite player in this draft. He is a tackle right now, but will be the right guard on this team. He is athletic and should fit very well into the Shanahan system run by offensive coordinator Mike Lafleur.

34: Pat Freiermuth - He is a complete tight end who would give the Jets a strong threat in the middle of the field. If the Jets offense is going to look anything like San Francisco's did last year, a productive tight end is a must.

39: Tyson Campbell - He projects to be an outside cornerback at the next level. That is definitely an area of need for the Jets.

51: Carlos Basham Jr. - He is a 4-3 defensive end who can get after the QB. He is a good complement to Okwara on the other side.

66: Eric Stokes - He is another player who projects to be an outside cornerback at the next level.

86: Dynami Brown - He is a very fast wide receiver. Maybe not the best fit for our offensive system, but speed kills.

107: Tony Fields II - He has the athleticism and instincts to develop into a weak side linebacker at the next level.

146: James Wiggins - He is a versatile safety prospect with ball hawk skills. He could hopefully develop into the Jets strong safety of the future.

154: Jaret Patterson - The running back made headlines after breaking records at Buffalo. He won't be as productive in the NFL, but would be a nice addition to La'Mical Perine and Ty Johnson.

185: Jose Borregales - A kicker who was made 35/35 extra point attempts and 18/20 field goals with a long of 57.

Add a UDFA WR and two UDFA LB

*PFN Mock Draft Simulator was used for this simulation.


QB: Brissett, Morgan

RB: Perine, Johnson, Patterson

TE: Freiermuth, Herdon, Wesco

WR: DeVonta Smith, Mims, Crowder, Brown, Vyncint Smith, Berrios, UDFA

T: Becton, Fant, Edoga, McDermott

G: Thuney, Vera-Tucker, Van Roten, Clark

C: McGovern

DE/EDGE: Okwara, Basham Jr., Phillips, Zuniga

DT: Williams, Fatukasi, Franklin-Myers, Shepard

LB: Mosley, Cashman, Fields II, Dawkins, UDFA, UDFA

CB: Sherman, Hall, Campbell, Stokes, Austin, Williams, Guidry

S: Maye, Davis, Wiggins, Hassell

LS: Hennessy

P: Mann

K: Borregales

**Players added this offseason in bold


I know that bringing in Brissett is not the most exciting move. But I feel it is the best option. I would love for a Deshuan Watson trade to happen, but I do not know if it is at all reasonable. I have had it with Sam Darnold, and I believe it is best if both the Jets and Darnold move on. I am not sold on Fields, Wilson, or Lance (I really wanted Lawrence), so I feel trading down maximizes the value of the second overall pick.

The Jets will have three first rounders and two second rounders in 2022. This gives them plenty of capital to trade up next year for their guy. In addition, their team will have more pieces in place for a rookie QB when he comes here. That is the best recipe for success in the NFL.

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