AGOP: The Rainbow Unicorn

What’s up Gang Green Gangster? If you’re like me, you’re starting to like the GGN mock offseason more than anything the real Jets offer. If it’s one thing I’ve come to realIze, if the Jets listened to our advice over the past decade, we may have a few more playoff wins under our belts. However, this is where things get interesting. We have what appears to be a good General Manager in Joe Douglas and an excellent head coaching prospect in Robert Saleh. It seems it’ll take one heck of a mock offseason to beat what we might witness this offseason. So without further ado, here’s how I would finally fix this franchise. As a disclaimer I use and for free agency, and I use several draft sites for the draft:

Cap Space: $69.2 Mil

Cuts (cap savings):

Alex Lewis ($5.2)- Things just haven’t worked out with him, which is a shame.

Ryan Griffin ($1.8)- Very little production and doesn’t fit the offense.

Jamison Crowder ($10.3)- this is a little more tough. Solid player, but just a bit too rich for my blood.

Braxton Berrios, Bless Austin, Connor McDermott (2.7 mil)- All call this group the all projection team. In limited capacities on really terrible teams they can look pretty meh.

Josh Doctson, Tanzel Smart, Josh Malone, Sharif Finch ($3.6)- yes these players are currently on the roster

Savings: $23.6 mil. new Cap: $92.8 Mil

Resingings (cap savings)

Brian Poole 3 years, $20 mil ($6)

Marcus Maye 4 years, $49 mil ($11)

Frankie Luvu 1 year $1 mil($1m)

Josh Adams 1 year, $1 mil ($1 mil)

Terrel Basham 1 year $1 mil ($1 mil)

Free Agent Signings:

Joe Thuney, G, 5 years, $85 ($15)- One of the best Guards in the game and extremely Durable. Getting serious about our line is long overdue.

Joe Looney, C, 2 years, $5 mil ($2.5)- Adding depth to the Center position is much needed. Looney may not be a top tier Center, but he’s much better than any of our backups.

Josh Reynolds, WR, 3 years, $15 mil ($5 mil)- The temptation is there for a top WR, but Reynolds caught 52 balls for over 600 yards as a 4th, 5th or 6th option. An under the radar with potential type signing.

Demarcus Robinson, WR, 2 years, $6 mil ($3)- another under the radar signing buried on the depth chart. He’s a do it all type player with a excellent work ethic.

Jonu Smith, TE, 4 years, $32 mil ($8mil)- A staple in the Lafluer offense is an athletic tight end that’s good in all aspect of the game. Smith pairs with Herndon to form a very good pass catching tandem.

Jamal Williams, RB, 3 years, $15 mil ($5 mil)- The Jets are going to devote resources to the running back system. It’s part of the Lafluer offense. I don’t see us going for top dollar free agents, but I think Williams is a perfect fit. He’s great in the system. He’s good in the passing game. He is explosive.

Jacoby Brisett, QB, 1 year, $6 mil ($6 mil)- It’s about time the Jets bring in good QB competition and invest in the backup QB position. Brisett isn’t flashy, but he is very capable of operating inside an offense and playing turnover free football.

Carl Lawson, Edge, 5 year $70 mil, ($11 mil)- the Jets need pass rushing help in the worst way. I am barely old enough to remember the last time the Jets had a premier pass rusher. A great five technique that fits perfect inside the Saleh defense.

Troy Hill, CB, 3 years, $18 mil ($6 mil)- Corner back is just one of the many needs the Jets have this offseason. Hill is almost perfect for Saleh’s style of defense. He is excellent and playing loose and making plays.

Cap Space Remaining: $11.3 Mil



Jets Receive: 8, 39, 114, 198, 2022 1st

Panthers Recieve: 2

Pick 8- Jamar Chase, WR- after sitting out a year and great play from Smith, and Pitts, Chase becomes the 3rd pass catcher off the board. Chase is fluid anywhere in the field. He is fluid with his body and great with his hands. He fits in as a mismatch nightmare in this offense.

Pick 23- Gregory Rousseau, EDGE- This is an extremely difficult spot to pick a defensive player. Ideally I’d want Horn here, but I don’t think he falls. Rousseau falls a bit due to opting out, and his replacement looked as good. However, I think Rousseau is a special special player, who is the perfect fit in this defense. He’s big, strong, fast and is extremely versatile. The Jets get their cornerstone pass rusher that we have missed since I was a little kid.

Pick 34- Creed Humphrey, C- The Jets need some help on the interior. Humphrey was widely regarded as a top interior lineman, he played as good as advertised, and somehow fell in the Draft. Humphrey Fills a massive massive hole at the Center position, allowing McGovern to move to guard. I also think Dickerson is gone by this pick.

Pick 39 Jabril Cox, OLB- This may seem like a reach, but Cox is exactly the type of player we need. He’s excellent in coverage. He plays the run well. He can also generate a bit of a pass rush. He’s been a dominate player at two schools, and my guess is if he was on the national championship team, this would be a value pick.

Pick 66- Amari Rogers, WR- Rogers is really a jack of all trades. He’s tough and rugged, good after the catch, and an excellent route runner. He is a guy that can be lined up anywhere including the backfield. With his first chance at really being the alpha dog he put up 1000 yards and 7 TDs this season.

Pick 86- Shakur Brown, CB- I think this team has been sorely lacking playmakers in the secondary since Revis and Cro left. Brown had seven picks and proved to be an explosive playmaker. He also seems to be very versatile and I think he would fit in great in this defense.

Pick 107- Paulsen Adebo, CB- Adebo is an extremely smart corner, who doesn’t rely solely on his athletic ability. He was a first round prospect that dipped a bit this year. I’m willing to bet the circumstances of 2020 had a lot more to do with that than the player itself.

Pick 114- Brady Christensen, OT- Christensen is your ideal swing tackle with potential to start at Right Tackle. He’s a tad on the slender side, which I feel will help him in this offense. He’s also extremely smart and could play multiple positions. There have been suggestions that he’d fit well along the interior, which would probably help us even more.

Pick 146- Elerson Smith, DE- one of the key components in a Saleh defense is pass rush. His tend to flourish with many pass rushers as opposed to just one dominate one. Smith is an extremely large and extremely talented defensive end/edge. He’s best at pinning his ears back and going as hard as possible. He fits in right along with Lawson.

Pick 154- Divine Deablo, S- Not only does Deablo have the best name in the draft, he’s a big nickel safety who plays special teams. He haven’t been able to cover a tight end in my lifetime. Deablo is big enough to man up and push those big boys around. He’s great in the open field and he made the "generational" La

Pick 186- Tommy Kraemer, G- Kraemer isn’t an overly athletic guard, and he would be best served as a backup year one. However, he is extremely big and strong. He would be the ideal back up to Thuney year one, and a potential year 2 or 3 starter.

Pick 198- Jose Borregales, K- usually I’m against taking a kicker in the draft, but we need one and Borregales is excellent. He was perfect on extra points. He was perfect from 40 yards and in. He also has a long of 57 yards.

Depth Chart:

QB- Darnold, Brisett, Morgan

RB- Williams, Perrine, Johnson, Adams

WR: Chase, Mims, Reynolds, Robinson, Rogers, Cager, Smith

TE: Smith, Herndon, Wesco

LT: Becton, Christensen

LG, Thuney, Clark, Kraemer

C: Humphrey, Looney

RG: McGovern, Van Roten

RT: Fant, Edoga

DT: Williams, Futakasi, Shepard

EDGE: Lawson, Rousseau

DE: Smith, Phillips, Zuniga

ILB: Mosely, Basham, Cashman

OLB: Cox, Luvu

CB: Hall, Hill, Brown, Adebo

Slot: Poole, Guidry

FS: Maye, Jackson

SS: Davis, Deablo

P: Mann

K: Borregales

Probably the biggest elephant in the room is keep Darnold for another year. My theory is to build up the roster first, and see what the kids got away from Adam Gase. I wanted to emphasize building up a respectable offensive line and adding as many playmakers as possible. I didn’t like the price of the top tier wide receivers, so I wanted to add a big time playmaker at the top of the draft. As for the defense, it was all about getting impact playmakers. Guys that can grow into the motto of "All Gas no breaks".

Heading into the the 2022 offseason I foresee RT and CB being our biggest need, with the QB position up in the air depending on if Darnold pans out. With three first round picks in 2022 I see a huge opportunity to improve all three next year. As always thanks for reading everybody, and hope you enjoy. Go Jets!!!

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