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Peter Schrager: Proposed Trade Package for Watson

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The Jets QB situation is one of the most interesting stories to follow this off-season, and if you follow it closely enough, it’s also one of the more frustrating.

The Jets fanbase has been split, and unlike with most things, it’s not down the middle.

Some want to stick with Darnold, some want to trade for Watson. Some would prefer to draft Justin Fields, while others like the look of Zach Wilson. Some would even prefer we took Trey Lance.

Peter Schrager of GMFB tends to be a sensible head in a world of sensational journalism and this morning he proposed his trade package for the Jets to grab Watson, if indeed the Texans decide to trade him.

The official word out of Houston is that they still have no interest in trading their star QB. Watson met with the new coach and reiterated that he was done with the organisation. Beat reporters for the Texans have started to move from “should never trade him” to “should start to listen”, which is sometimes the first step.

So let's have a look at Schrager’s trade scenario:

Jets Receive: Deshaun Watson

Houston Receive: Sam Darnold, Quinnen Williams, Denzel Mims, 2nd Overall pick in 2021 and 23rd overall pick in 2021.

Now for me this is a deal that I think the Houston Texans would do. They may be one of the teams that believe in Sam Darnold, they get a wide receiver to replace Fuller who will likely leave in free agency, they get a star in Williams and they get draft picks to improve the roster. They could even trade that #2 overall pick for more picks, turning this into one of the rebuild routes the Texans could potentially take.

However, I think that’s a little too much. Sam Darnold will net you a 2nd round pick, Quinnen Williams is at least a #1 and probably more considering his contract. Denzel flashed last year and with more consistent QB play and a better offense, his potential is huge. I loved Mims coming out of college. Then you add in a 2nd overall pick, a draft selection that is worth a ton, and another first? It’s a high price.

Watson is a 25-year-old franchise QB. We don’t need to go through why Watson is so good, we’ve said all we need to say on that. Is he worth that package though? It’s right on the line for me between what I am and what I’m not comfortable with.

If the Jets made this trade, they’d still have a ton of cap, they’d still have two first-round picks next year and plenty of other draft capitol. They would have a hole to fill at DT, and I’m backing Williams to explode in this Saleh defensive scheme, and they would need to aggressively address wide receiver.

I’d hate to give up Williams in any trade, but it’s easier to find a stud DT than it is to find a franchise QB. Look at how many good defensive linemen the Jets have had over the last 20 years and then look at how many good QB’s the Jets have had over the last 20 years and it proves my point exactly.

If you were the Jets, would you make this trade?


Would you make the above trade if you’re the Jets?

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