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Podcast: Biggest Jets Offseason Needs

NFL Combine - Day 2

The offseason is always a time of reflection for NFL teams. Among the biggest tasks every team faces is figuring out needs and how to fill them.

On today’s podcast we look at the biggest needs for the Jets this offseason. Frequently when we discuss offseason needs we tend to only think in the context of position, but needs tend to be broader than that. There are certain essential roles that can be filled by players at more than one position. For example, I think the Jets need a go to guy on offense. That could be a wide receiver. It could be a running back. It could even conceivably be a tight end. Then there are the needs that can only be position specific like cornerback and offensive line. One thing is clear. The Jets have a lot of critical needs. We discuss all of them on today’s show.

Thanks as always for tuning in.